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Demo Finishing Options

  • Commercial Sampler
  • Narration
  • Character & Animation Voices
  • TV & Radio Station Imaging
  • Audiobooks

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Introduction to Voiceovers

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Demo CD Creation

We've thrown out the old, restrictive package plans still used by virtually every other voiceover school in the U.S.

The biggest problem with a "package" concept is that it can't be made to fit your specific needs or ability. Ask anyone who has ever studied acting or music: there is simply no way to predict exactly how much study it will take to achieve mastery of your chosen craft. Maybe you'll be a "natural," brilliant from the start. Or perhaps you'll need more time and patience to reach your goal. You may excel in just one specialized area, or you may be capable of doing a wide variety of voiceovers, such as audiobooks, cartoon voices, or medical narration, each of which requires its own track on a demo CD.

In any case, proper training should take personal learning curves and abilities into account. That's why we've thrown out the "package" concept in favor of letting you learn and grow at your own pace. You'll never feel rushed and you'll know when the time is right to cut your demo. Of course, it's our job to help you get there.

Since we create AND finish your demo during your lessons, the only demo fee you'll pay is the hourly rate for private lessons.

You're not forced into creating any specific number of cuts on your demo. We'll include a Complete MULTI-CUT DEMO, with fully-produced segments (with your choice of any combination of individual genres, such as Commercials, Corporate/Documentary Narration, Character/Animation Voices, Station Imaging, and/or Audiobooks!)

You'll also get the "Director's Cut" Commercial Section, showcasing FULL-LENGTH, UN-CUT versions of the spots featured in your short Commercial Sampler!

Plus, we'll even convert your demo into mp3 files for you to send to producers via the web, and provide assistance in designing your CD label and case!

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