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Private Lesson Schedule

Weekday Evenings
 Monday thru Friday
 6pm and 7:15pm
 Call for an appointment
 (516) 208-5480

 $80 per hour
 Cash payments only
 Due at start of session

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Intro to Voiceovers

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Private Lessons

Our approach to helping students traing for a career in voiceovers is quite simple; we give you as much or as little time as you need or desire before you create your demo.

We'll NEVER tell you that in "10 easy lessons" or that "one Saturday afternoon in the studio" is all you need to create your demo. If anyone tells you this, RUN. Quickly.

Of course, you may simply want to improve your speaking ability. Our lessons assist you in achieving first-rate reading ability, smooth phrasing and breath control, and superb diction, free of regional accents.

You'll develop the ability to make your reading sound as natural as if you're not reading at all. Some students include school teachers, police officers, salespeople, computer programmers, truck drivers and business men and women who seek career advancement through more polished and effective speech.

Here's what to expect:

No financial commitment

Most voiceover training companies want you to pay up-front for a "course" of 6 to 12 lessons. With NYVA, you simply pay as you go and advance at your own pace...just as you would with private music lessons.

Work with actual broadcast "copy" supplied by us

Can you imagine a teacher telling you to go out and find your own scripts to read in class? We can't...yet that's what many do. As far as we're concerned, it's simply a case of inexcusable laziness on their part. We provide "real" copy for every lesson, carefully chosen to advance your specific goals. The focus of what you read is kept on your area of interest, whether it's commercials, corporate or educational narration, audiobooks, or cartoon and character voices. "One size fits all" certainly does NOT work in teaching voiceovers!

Record in a real live voice-over studio every time

You can't learn to drive a car by reading a have to get behind the wheel. By the same token, you can't learn to feel at home in a voice-over studio without actually working in one. Yet many instructors give their lessons in an ordinary room (sometimes their living room, or a rented hotel room), with nothing more than a cassette "boombox" for recording. We consider that inexcusable, too. Our classes are always conducted in NYVA's own digital production studio, complete with a spacious, air-conditioned voice-over booth. You always get lots of time "on-mic" at every lesson.

Incorporate your class recordings into your demo

Since you record in class with all the fidelity of a CD, the readings you like can be incorporated into your demo. Any performance that you feel you've "nailed" will be "banked." That way, you're building your demo as you progress, and avoiding the expense and pressure of a separate "one shot" demo session at the conclusion of your classes. Recording over multiple visits, rather than trying to do it all in one sitting, is much more relaxed...and you end up with a more carefully considered presentation. Fees include all music, sound effects, etc. As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression; we want yours to be really great.

One-on-one classes to fit your schedule and budget

We offer individualized attention and flexible study options. For example, you decide how long you want your sessions to hour or two; every week or every other week, etc.

Pricing Options

So, what do we charge at NYVA? Well, quite a bit less than most voiceover instructors in either New York or LA!

Private Lessons are 1 HOUR for $80
There are other instructors who have the nerve to charge as much as $150 per hour for the "privilege" of reading copy aloud in their living rooms...and students are even required to find their own ad copy! A heavily-advertised female instructor in New Jersey claims to charge $300 an hour. Personally, we think that's outrageous. That's why our one-on-one classes at NYVA are priced more like ordinary singing or musical instrument lessons. Lesson times are completely flexible and can often be scheduled at your convenience. Please inquire about the availability of the days and times you prefer. We offer 2 time slots per evening; 6pm and 7:15pm, Monday thru Friday. Appointments fill up fast and are often sold out for 4 weeks in advance, so we encourage you to book as soon as possible. The most frequently chosen schedule is a one hour lesson, once a week.

The next step: Pick our brains.

After you've read through all of the material on the website, call us at (516) 208-5480, and ask any questions you may still have about getting started. Of course, the best way to get the feel of voiceovers, is to do it! Take one lesson and see if voiceovers...and the New York Voiceover Academy...are right for you.