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Next Workshop
 By Appointment Only
 3 Hour Session
 Price: $180

Payment options include cash upon arrival or Paypal in advance to ensure your attendance.

For further information, please call 516.208.5480.


Introduction to Voiceovers Workshop

Do you have a great voice? You can earn $100 to $500 or MORE per HOUR just by using your voice!

Jump-start your future as a voiceover artist!

Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to learn the same information that we can teach you for only $180?!

Here is the best introduction to life in front of the microphone! You'll receive a thorough understanding of the voiceover field, get answers to all of your questions and feel what it's like to record a real commercial in an actual voiceover studio!

Learn how to use your voice while receiving personal coaching and guidance.

In our workshop, you'll experience the following:

  • Discover the business side of voiceovers and understand the minimum requirements for long term success.
  • How to get started in Voiceovers without risk and without unnecessarily spending a lot of your hard earned money
  • Learn how techniques such as timing, inflection, articulation, and emotion play a big part in becoming a successful voice actor
  • Discover the different types of voiceovers available to you beyond radio and TV commercials
  • Become more convincing and sound more confident as you engage in everyday conversations
  • Find your hidden talents and understand your areas for growth
  • Hear how you sound as record in a live voiceover studio
  • Learn secrets for beating nervousness
  • Learn to take direction like a pro
  • Find out who hires voiceover artists and how much you can realistically expect to be paid
  • Finding Your Voice - Identifying the Styles That Are Right for You…and Getting Good At Them
  • Creating a KILLER Demo CD
  • Why You Really Want A Home Studio and How To Build It On A Budget

Here's what a few of our previous attendees had to say:

"I thought it was terrific!"
"I didn't have any expectations. A couple of times I felt a little intimidated...but by the end I felt like it was something that was accessible, something I could learn and that I could get great support here."
- Susan G., Guttenberg, NJ
Click Here to Listen to Susan

"A tremendous insight into the business"
"I thought the classes were especially well taught and, more importantly, I thought the way Chuck and Mike both handled questions, as well as inviting the guests each day, gave a tremendous insight into the business as a whole."
- Akash O., Mount Vernon, NY
Click Here to Listen to Akash

"A lot of fun...really impressed...swarms of information"
"it was a lot of fun. A lot of fun for me translates into being really impressed by the profeissionalism of everyone who was here. Mike, and Chuck, as well as the guests. Swarms of information considering the short amount of time really, two days, gave us such a wide look at the entire business. You presented it really well. Not just, 'sure you want to talk on microphone, come on, we got a mic, start talkin'. There was so much more to it. This is a business. Very informative and really caring people which makes it fun."
- Don G., Belleville, NJ
Click Here to Listen to Don

"It was just a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every minute of it!"
"I enjoyed coming to class . I got something every day, new information. It filled me up. It gave me more insight and more information."
- Nigel D., Hempstead, NY
Click Here to Listen to Nigel

"I definitely would recommend it!"
"It was a great course. I definitely would recommend it. It was much better than I expected it to be. Great introduction to the industry and a very comfortable environment."
- Rob K., Wood-Ridge, NJ
Click Here to Listen to Rob

"Vast knowledge in the industry..."
"I think that the workshop overall was very well covered and it gave me a broader idea of what the voiceover industry and what being a voiceover artist is all about. Not one question was unanswered or unclear..."
- Ali C., New York, NY
Click Here to Listen to Ali

Call us at (516) 208-5480 for additional information